Hellfest 2018: Friday review

Friday, June 22nd

Starting they day early shooting Malemort, Caïnan Dawn, The Walking Dead Orchestra & Tesseract. Four bands I never heard of, which make it way more interesting for me to shoot a band. Of course there are so many bands I didn’t know but since it is impossible to cover about every band at the festival I need to make choices, black metal will always prevail in most cases but I also like to dig into other bands at such a big festival! Why? Through the years it has teached me I can find some new interesting stuff to listen to.

Down side of running from stage to stage, you don’t always have the time to catch a band.

Since I will be sticking most of the day to the Main stages now, the first band I can actually catch is The Chris Slade Timeline, all I can say is that these guys gave me goosebumps! It doesn’t matter what your age is, young & old, everyone was just singing along! Some songs are just timeless and will stay there forever; Thunderstruck is one of those for sure.

Quickly shooting Rose Tattoo, as I need to hurry to the Temple stage, to shoot and catch a few songs of Nordjevel, since they had been on my list for a while to see live, I stayed for a few songs and they did not disappoint! Once back at the Main stage I could still catch a few songs from Rose Tattoo that sounded good and they guys seemed to have fun. 100% rock ‘n roll attitude, so what is there not to like about that, right?

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts gave one hell of a show! Finally hearing songs live like “bad reputation” & “I love rock ‘n roll” is just priceless.

I have seen Europe tons of times and I just can’t stop watching Joey Tempest, he is such a great performer. And of course a concert of Europe, isn’t one without “the final countdown”, I guess I could repeat what I said earlier about Thunderstruck, timeless song!

And then, the moment I (and many other women I presume) had been waiting for … Hollywood Vampires! Who doesn’t want to see Johnny Depp live? Being a huge fan of his movies I was really curious to see how he was on guitar, to my surprise he even sang! Multi talent! But I’m not here to only praise him. I was happily surprised by the whole show.  Great music and a lot of covers dedicated to the great musicians who sadly passed away. Hellfest isn’t really complete without a band covering Motörhead!

Also loved the lovely remarks Alice Cooper made “so this is what daylight looks like” or “this song is dedicated to a living vampire … me”.  Probably, the best performer I ever saw live and definitely knows how to put up a show. Just when everyone thought the band was done playing, the intro of  “school’s out” started and you saw people running back towards the stage to watch this song and sing it along like it was the last thing they would do. Again goosebumps hearing the whole festival doing so! For me personally, one of THE moments I enjoy the most at a festival.

They first day is almost over but first still Stone Sour, I knew who Corey Taylor was of course of the other band he plays in. Not being a huge fan of that, I was curious to know what this would bring. To my surprise, I liked this. I think his voice comes more to it’s right here then with Slipknot.  Other may agree or disagree, you just can’t argue about personal tastes. Since the day was done photographing after this I went to the VIP bar to hang out with some friends and fellow photographers, we decided to watch Judas Priest from there on the big screen as our feet deserved some rest. The place was getting packed once the concert started. The first thing I noticed is that Rob his voice was really great! Sadly they didn’t show the whole gig so I missed a part of it.

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