Hellfest day III – Sunday 2019

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Waking up this morning sucked a little bit… why you wonder? I just realised it was the last day already again of this amazing festival!

Starting the day with some Māori-metal, with the guys of Alien Weaponry! For some I missed out that while going through all the bands a few months before the festival, but luckily I have some cool friends who suggested to go watch them!  And I’m glad they did, because this band is awesome! They started their intro with a “hakka” and these three young men just blew me away during their set, I hadn’t heard something that good in a while! I can’t wait to see / hear more of these guys! 

Sadly I only heard only one song from Insanity Alert, but they seemed like a real fun band to watch! They made their own version of “Run to the hills”, called “run to the pit, mosh for your life”. I’m sure not to miss them next time they are around, I have to see way more of these guys! As I have been told they were quite some fun, my friend could only agree with that!

For some reason I thought I had heard of Nova Twins before, but no, I must have mixed them up with something else. Yet, no regret watching a part of their set. Unlike most metal bands who are dress in dark colors, these ladies could be spotted from far. Which is nice to see something different! Also enjoyed the songs I stayed for. 

While I’m checking out Nova Twins, my friend checks out another band from our country, namely Brutus. Quite an interesting band with a women doing the drumming and vocals, props for that! It reminded him of The Gathering..

Next on the list is Tesla, for some reason I didn’t think of a band when I saw that name in the list. I won’t become a huge fan of the music, bit too soft for me. But for those who do like something like this, they are certainly worth checking out! For some reason when I think of this band, the lovely smile of the singer is what I can remember the most.

After a little “I need to hide for the sun” break, I continue my day with Trivium. I had seen them before at Hellfest, but I guess I was running towards another stage and had no time to actually them out. Now I took a few minutes to actually check them out. This band has quite some energy; the singer was going from one part of the stage to the other, so it was fun to see how we all were running along with him to get some cool shots!

Since I managed to miss both shows of Vomitory on 70k of metal, I couldn’t miss them here; specially now they returned after some hibernation!  Glad to see those guys are back, great show! 

Now I had the struggle to choose between Testament, which I saw quite a few times already or a band from my country, believe it or not, I had never seen before.  So I went for Wiegedood. I did enjoy the first songs, but after a while I had it. But then again, I’m very picky when it comes to music. 

The next bands, was something I didn’t want to miss for the world. Why? For one, I do enjoy their music, second, probably most important; they were one of the favourite bands from my friend who passed away almost five years ago. Seeing this band bring back a lot of memories of him. So I enjoyed this great performance of Immolation, not only for myself but also for my fallen friend! 

Heading back to the main stage I still see a part from the set of Stone Temple Pilots, normally I’m the kind of person who thinks, “If I’m not good enough to be allowed to shoot your set, why should I even bother mentioning you played?” but I do have to tell the funny story of one of their songs they announced with “If you know the song, sing along… If you don’t, just make something up”; and while the singer went to sing in the audience, he did took some time for a selfie with someone on the first row, the guy seemed very happy from what I noticed on the big screen! 

Sometimes only few words are needed. This was my second time seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd here, and they still were as amazing as the last time I saw them!

A thing we noticed in France is that they don’t seem to randomly shout “Slayer” as much as you would hear in The Netherlands or Germany! Which brings us to Slayer, while I’m trying to stay as far as possible from this band (sorry, I will never be a Slayer fan), my friend, seems to be enjoying the very last (???) show of them. Tastes differ; otherwise it would become boring if we all like the same bands!

With the evening coming and the festival slowly ending there was only one band left to see for me, a band I have been following since forever and since they came back from hibernation, I missed at about every festival because I couldn’t make it… So Carpathian Forest was a MUST for me! As I had to meet a few friends before they were leaving I watched only the first three songs and I was enjoying them a lot. Seeing Nattefrost on stage again, was really special to me! 

Then it was time for the after party with my fellow photographer friends, and you know what they say, what happens in the VIP, stays in the VIP! 😉 

Thank you to the organisation for making this festival so amazing and unique every single year! I’m already excited to see what you will bring us next year! 

Also big cheers to the whole pit crew & security for being the best guys I have encountered!

And last but not least, the people who come to this festival each year, I have been to many festivals, but this crowd is always so good! There is a great vibe and I hope that will stay this way and continue, because it makes going to festivals a lot more fun! 

See you next year Hellfest!!!

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