Hellfest day II – Saturday 2019

Saturday, 22nd June 2019

My Saturday starts a bit later then usual due some events that happened that night to a friend of ours who ended up in the hospital. I hope you are feeling better by now K.! 

For some reason we have this curse hanging above our group for the last few years, each year it is someone else ending up at first aid or worse …

While being guided to the photo pit for Skindred, I notice the biggest but coolest “backdrop” ever! A cat with these super cool sunglasses with spikes on! As a huge cat lover, I’m sold already! How can I not like this right? 
After a few moments the bands comes on stage and I see where the cat has the sunglasses from… 
What a crazy concert. The singer has so much energy on stage; it just drags you along during the songs I heard.

After that, going as fast as possible to the Temple stage, to finally catch Wolfheart live.  Again a band I missed a few times live, I wonder how I manage to miss all the good bands??? First thing I spot, is a familiar face on stage I have seen before with another band called Rotting Christ! This said, really good performance by the band! Do check them out when they play near you!

Dool, another band I heard so many people talking about, I guess mostly because they come from the ashes of The Devil’s Blood… Another female on vocals, with a great voice! Sadly, not my cup of tea, as I knew in advance, but wanted to give it try. I’m sure the people who liked TDB will like this one! 

Heading my way to the Main stage again for Fever 333, I have to say, I saw so many photos passing by and it looked so crazy I had to check them out! And it was not a bad decision to make. The singer appeared on stage with a bag on his head, like he had been kidnapped. Those few songs I did see, where just too crazy for words, I had seen energy on stage during the last days but I’m sure this beats it all. Even the drummer was jumping!

Again going as fast as possible to the Altar stage, to catch Allegaeon.  I have to admit; if it wasn’t for a certain person (you know who you are) I might not have had a clue about this band. But luckily it crossed my path, I can totally recommend this band, keep an eye out on them! 

In life, you have to make decisions; I saw how awesome the stage looked for Punish Yourself but a friend recommended Eisbrecher, so heading towards the Main stage again to catch them. 
Maybe I made the wrong choice? Who knows… but this band certainly didn’t sound bad! Even got a little “Nigger” by Clawfinger, which is still funny to hear a German sing English and not to mention speak French (!!!)

Another German band on the bill is Böhse Onkelz, a band I know I could have seen quite a few times at Germany’s biggest festival but well… It seems it will be my first time watching them here.I had no clue what to expect from this band, I guess after giving them a try, it won’t be something I will see again. But only fair to give them a try! I did like their song towards MTV called “Keine Amnestie für MTV”.  That did put a smile on my face or should I say grin?!

After a little break, I’m hitting the Main stage again, for a band that I found quite special in this line up, but then again, Hellfest has surprised us many times with bands who you think of “what are they doing on the bill?” …  What noticed me the most is that of the whole weekend so far, I hadn’t seen this many photographers waiting to go into the pit as right now for Eagles of Death Metal! I guess the fact they were the band that was sadly involved with the whole Bataclan thing, might have something to do with it.  I have to admit, that is how I know them too sadly… The female bass player was the one to catch my eye the most. Might have been the hair colour, but she looked so awesome on stage! 
All in all this was a good concert, especially since I had no clue what to expect.

Moonspell is always a great joy to see also, I guess we can’t count the times we have seen this band already but they never get boring!

 Combichrist, a band that had been on my “to see” list for quite a while now. I mentioned my love for drumming already, seeing they had not one but two drummers on stage, made my heart go faster! They gave quite a show also! The singer started the gig wearing a hoodie covering his face but after a while it went off so we would see his face. This band was such a great discovery! Looking forward to seeing them again in the future! I hope they come back at some point!

While running back to the Main stage again, I still had the pleasure to hear a part of the show from Whitesnake, I’m not that familiar with their discography but when they started playing “Here I go again” it didn’t seem to matter which age you had, everyone was just singing along! That is the kind of vibe I just love at festivals, any age singing classics along!

Within Temptation is a band I have seen live once when I was just started going to concerts. I have skipped them ever since as female vocals is so NOT my thing, nor with it ever be. But last year on our local TV we had a program with all Belgian musicians and Sharon was a part of that program too. Ever since that, I started to get a lot of respect for how amazing her voice is, not to mention how friendly Dutch people can be. So this time I had no struggle listening to the performance of the band. The stage looked pretty amazing also (didn’t Manowar mention it was too small? Didn’t look that way to me).  Will I ever become a fan? I’m afraid not, sorry…

Somewhere between Within Temptation & Def Leppard, Myrkur is supposed to play. She had to cancel her performance, as it seems she is 8 months pregnant… Which I think is quite a valid reason to cancel! I told you more Manowar jokes were coming. Doubt they can use that reason to cancel though, but as I heard someone say while walking by “I wonder if Sabaton is going to replace Myrkur too like they did with Manowar” , luckily for Joakim his voice, they found someone else!

This is a moment I have been waiting for so long! I’m glad I still had the chance to witness this band live, as it wouldn’t be the first time I think “I will see them next time”, but there is no “next time” … Def Leppard! What a performance, I still can’t believe I finally can tick them off my “must see” list!

My friend still went to see ZZ Top and according to him, they were quite a joy to watch. Can’t believe I have missed them out twice already! I hope third time will do it!

After a long day of running around it was time to cool down and have a few well deserved drinks, in the VIP I met up with a few friends and decided instead of shooting The Sisters of Mercy, because I knew how the lights would be, we should just go and enjoy the gig and relive our teenage years. I remember having this compilation tape (yeah, that was the mp3 of our times), with “the temple of love” on it.  Don’t know how many times I re-winded that! When the time came, we moved towards the Temple stage. I haven’t regret one second just enjoying the gig at it fullest instead of getting frustrated in the pit of the lights! What a mind-blowing performance!!! I’m sure most of the audience was in some kind of trance like we were. 

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