Hellfest day I – Friday 2019

Friday, 21st June 2019

After the warm-up from Knotfest last night and finally some much needed sleep, I’m ready for Hellfest itself! 

Even though I had been on the festival ground already, it still felt like I hadn’t been yet… I was really excited to see everyone again and check out all the bands I had crossed I was interested in. Some obligations, some new stuff to experience and hell what of an edition it would become again!

Starting the day with a part of the show of Fallen Lillies (Tremplin Voice of Hell), which seemed to be an all female band. Some nice rock to start the day with and again, surprised by the female vocals! I also like the message the singer sent in the world, that the rock / metal scene is not only for men, that women do have a place there too! I’m far from a feminist but can’t disagree with that right? Rock on!

Next band up the list is Last Temptation, all musicians who have been around a while and know how to play their music! Certainly worth to check out if you are a fan of this kind of music. 

On the schedule for my friend was Stinky, even though the name sounds funny, it seems they were quite good, a women with quite a heavy voice, it reminded him of Arch Enemy.  She did some crowd surfing also, might not have been easy with a microphone still attached to a cable! 

Gloryhammer, what can I say? I wanted to give it a try but I just can’t seem to get the thing around this band. They seem to be quite popular and had quite an audience waiting for them but I’m afraid I will never be a fan of their music…  and this is where my friend seems to badly disagree with me, for him the set was just one big party and fun!

Blackrain, a really nice discovery.  For all the glam people out there, who don’t know this band yet, I suggest you to do so! You won’t regret! 

Their cover of Twisted Sister’s “We’re not gonna take it”, was pretty cool also!

Sonata Arctica is a band that has been praised among many people I know through the years, so now that I had the opportunity to see them live, I wanted to check them out.
Can’t say I’m really a fan of what I heard but that has most certainly to do with the fact I’m not a huge fan of this kind of music. Wasn’t a big fan of the singer his voice either…

Godsmack, another band I had seen passing by lately and thought I would have to check out while at it. Quite a good show and as a big fan of drumming, I loved the part where three of the members where drumming covers, really nice thing to do! 

Demons & Wizards, quite a unique chance to see them live! Especially since they do limited shows at festivals, I was glad to see them at Hellfest. Because who knows, when will be the next time? Heard only a few songs, which sounded good. 

After a little food & drink break, I’m heading up towards the Temple stage to finally see Impaled Nazarene again, it had been a few years… Those guys are always great to see live! And hearing “TOTAL WAR” live, always a nice treat!

Another band I hadn’t seen in a few years, Kvelertak, since they have a new singer I was quite curious of course, because this band was one energy bomb and you can bet I was wondering to see how the new singer would be like. The old singer was quite crazy (in a good way of course), but this one seemed even crazier! Just the way we like it! First song wasn’t even done yet or he went crowd surfing in the audience. Also the rest of the band was full of energy like we are used to. You are NEVER bored while watching this band! 

I had seen Venom live, so it was only logic I went to see Venom Inc. now also! Good concert and I could as well have made a sign “I’m only here to hear “black metal””! 

But festivals are, and will always be about checking out bands I haven’t seen before (if schedule allows me). And next time they play, I’m sure I will be around again!

Possessed is a band I’m sure I crossed paths with at several festivals during the 20 years attending them. For some weird reason (or I might have been too drunk in my younger days?), I never can recall actually watching them… Time to change that, right???
Good choice to make, it was a damn good concert!

Hellhammer…  What can I say but: I personally loved them so much more then Triptykon! Watched a few songs to head on to the next and last band of the evening…

Manowar, oh wait… I’m sure by now this line in a review won’t be original anymore but it has to be said… “ALL bands play, Manowar CANCELS!”  WTF?! Were the first words when I read the news in the morning when I saw the announcement? Worst part, they were present at the festival area, unless someone is half dead, I can’t see why you shouldn’t play, right? 

Luckily, they found a nice replacement, no one less then the Swedes called Sabaton! As I missed them at Knotfest, I was glad to catch up with their show. Never a boring moment with these guys for sure! Even though Joakim seemed to be missing his voice, which was covered by the rest of the band singing, they stood there and they played! Take notes on that Manowar.

I can tell you; this Manowar joke isn’t over yet, to be continued…

For some reason, the voice of King Diamond has always scared me; don’t ask me why, I just can’t explain! Luckily for me, my friend does enjoy his portion of King Diamond and told me it was a pretty good show!

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