Hellfest 2022

As guessed, the world pandemic isn’t settled yet with enough vaccines, so sadly this year festival will have to be postponed again to next year.

Getting the announcement really broke my heart, can you believe we have been almost 2 years without festivals !!! So unreal… but health comes first!

If Hellfest comes up with some merchandise to support the festival, please support your favorite festival! (this counts for any other festival too of course) Those who have tickets from last year transferred to this year, hold on to your ticket if you are still planning to go! But I guess that won’t be a problem, I have seen how loyal the Hellfest community is!

This said, I really hope that in 2022 we can go back to normal aka going to festivals, seeing great bands and reconnecting with friends from all over the world, till then… stay safe, stay strong!

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